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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 9, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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back, we went to look and couldn't find him. that's when we got worried. >> reporter: this is a better look at what he looks like. he's 5'3" tall and weighs 130 pounds. he has brown eyes, brown hair and was last seen wearing a bright teal colored shirt with khakis and slippers. the truth is, a lot of teens go missing all the time, but for some reason, the alameda county police, there are circumstances that lead them to believe they need to bring out a search party and have a bigger response on this. we will have more and keep following this for you throughout the newscast. alan wong reporting live in hayward, abc 7 news. san jose police are trying to figure out what happened in hammond park this afternoon where a 16-year-old boy was stabbed and has what officers call life-threatening injuries. sky 7 hd over that park a few minutes ago shortly after police
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arrived. the attacker ran off before they got there. officers are looking for him right now. mary jane hammond park is located in southwest san jose just off highway 17 on westfield avenue. in cupertino, the hype and hoopla before apple's big launch today held up to all the speculation. >> the company said bigger is better and put its reputation on the line. >> they are without a doubt the best iphones we have ever done. >> apple actually had three big launches today. >> the iphone 6, the iphone plus both have larger screens. >> apple introduced its smart watch, that's what you're looking at here. it has a strong focus on health and fitness monitoring. >> apple demonstrated apple pay, a feature that virtually eliminates the credit card. >> abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was at today's big event in cupertino and joins us live with more. jonathan, that must have been pretty cool. >> reporter: yeah, it was. i'll tell you, today might actually go down in history as the day apple did not introduce
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the i-watch. they introduced a watch, all right. they are calling it apple watch. by the way, there are not one, but two phones to go with it. >> wow! good morning. >> reporter: tim cook took the stage on what might be apple's hallowed ground. >> on this stage 30 years ago, steve introduced the macintosh to the world. >> reporter: now cook presides over a company best known for the iphone. >> these are the new iphones. the iphone 6 and the iphone 6 plus. >> reporter: the 6 is bigger. the 6 plus is much bigger. it could win over samsung galaxy note users. >> it's very big but most people who have used bigger screens find it hard to go back to something smaller. >> reporter: the new iphones are the first to support something else. >> our vision is to replace this. >> reporter: apple pay uses security features like the
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fingerprint sensor. >> your total is $23.78. >> reporter: a daring blogger calls it a home run. >> if you have an iphone 6 and you start using this to make your payments, you can't believe you lived without it before. >> reporter: and then -- >> we have one more thing. >> reporter: to a standing ovation, cook unveiled apple watch. from lightweight aluminum to 18 karat gold, it's tech fused with fashion and has a sapphire touch screen and can tap you on the wrist. >> while you're walking, it will give you feedback on each turn so you know wlihether it's timeo turn left or right. >> reporter: apple let us turn on the watch in the big white cube they built outside the theater. though the phones will ship in ten days, the watch comes out sometime next year. >> it will be like the original iphone. there will be people lined up around apple stores in every country where it's available on day one. >> reporter: we don't know about battery life but we know it has tons of sensors for fitness. it can even be your hotel key and it has everybody talking.
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>> this is really tim cook's way to say i'm here, this is what we're doing, we are still an innovator. we are a great company. >> reporter: did he do it? >> i think he did it. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> you can see how the announcement affected apple's stock price. this graph shows their performance on the nasdaq. you can see a peak of about $103 a share at 10:58 this morning. that's when ceo tim cook announced the apple watch. apple stock slid from there, closing at about $98 a share, down just a little from yesterday's close. market watchers say the ho-hum performance of the stock reflects a feeling the apple watch is not a market changer the way the ipad was. legendary rock band u2, no less, closed out today's apple event with a performance of their new song "the miracle." other celebrities at the event include gwen stefani, dr. oz and dr. dre. joining the crowd of media and celebrities was world news
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tonight anchor david muir. he got behind the scenes during today's apple product launch. david not only got a chance to try out apple's newest product, the apple watch, but interviewed the watch's designer. david says we might be watching a bit of history, too. >> this is a huge deal. this is a global headline. apple famously sent out that invite saying wish we could tell you more but a big part of this was ceo tim cook saying listening, come on backstage. that was an extraordinary offer. i had pitched the story, as you know we do in the news business, and we heard back from him and we jumped at the chance. >> join us for abc world news tonight. david muir will be in cupertino with an apple exclusive at 5:30 right after what you're watching now, abc 7 news at 5:00. back to the news of the day here. a small earthquake hit just south of holister this morning. it struck just after 11:00 a.m. today. it was centered in richmark, according to the u.s. geological survey. no reports of damage or injuries.
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experts today say that napa's wine industry suffered more than $80 million in damage from the magnitude 6.0 earthquake last month. this estimate is a conservative figure. it is expected to increase. the earthquake caused an estimated $400 million damage across the county. yesterday, city and county officials launched an assistance center within hours. the parking lot filled up with nearly 90 people in line looking for help. one homeowner looking for help, a man who today learned the fate of his red-tagged house. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story here only on abc 7 news. laura. >> reporter: we first met gary pierce in the days right after the earthquake. his victorian home near knocked completely off its foundation. he is still trying to figure out what to do with it. they say it can be saved. in the meantime, pierce is going to travel somewhere else to help others rebuild their homes. >> we will be rebuilding flood
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damaged homes. >> reporter: it's a commitment napa's gary pierce made months ago long before a big kwquake k his home literally off its blocks. that is to travel to colorado with his church group this weekend to rebuild homes for those there who lost theirs to last year's devastating floods. >> i committed to that before this happened and there's not really much to do around here right now anyway except wait. >> reporter: it's the same kind of trip he and his church group have made before, to places like new jersey after hurricane sandy. but now pierce and his brother brian have their own rebuilding to do. as the house they own sits inshambles. >> they had people here today that told us anything is possible depending upon how much money you want to spend. >> we will just play it one day at a time. if it's salvageable and isn't
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raise the phoenix from the ashes, i will consider it. >> reporter: gary pierce feels he might as well go to colorado. at least there he feels he can get something done. >> it gives me something to put my mind on. building another house or fixing fences or whatever we are going to do there, definitely will empower me, you could say. >> reporter: pierce believes his time in colorado helping others who have lost everything might give him some perspective on what he lost and all that he still has at home. laura anthony, abc 7 news. the ceo of the 49ers faces the media for the first time about domestic violence. >> they believe the 49ers decisions regarding mr. mcdonald were correct. >> what jed york is saying about the arrest of ray mcdonald. also ahead, ditching the heavy metal. the bay area city wants to cut costs by eliminating the car and carbon footprint. head lice and your youngster. 7 on your side's michael finney on how treatment doesn't have to be a head scratcher.
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the nfl is playing defense tonight in the ray rice domestic violence case, following the release of that video showing rice hitting his then fiancee. tmz obtained that video, nfl commissioner roger goodell tells cbs quote, we had not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. he continues, quote, we assumed that there was video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent but we were never granted that opportunity. there is more fallout tonight for rice. nike announced it has ended its endorsement deal with him while video game company electronic
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arts says it will remove rice from the madden football game. both rice and his wife spoke out today. rice texted cnn quote, i am just holding strong for my wife and kid. that's all i can do right now. janay rice posted on instagram quote, to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. well, the ray rice story is drawing new attention to the domestic violence allegations facing 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald. tonight, the team's owner jed york is speaking publicly about the scandal for the first time and his decision to let mcdonald play at least for now. abc 7 news reporter lye a leigh melendez is live in santa clara. >> reporter: i assure you the organization would rather be talking about the first game of the regular season. here we are, the ray rice video opening the debate over domestic violence for the 49ers.
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because the video of former ravens running back ray rice punching his then fiancee is so disturbing, abc 7 news decided to show you just a portion of it. so many have seen it and so many are venting. >> no one wants to be associated with him. he wouldn't be on my team. he wouldn't want him around in any capacity. >> reporter: groups against domestic violence have never seen so many postings or tweets about the issue on social media sites. >> at least they are talking about it. i think it was also the public. >> reporter: there are even a few hash tags on twitter. for example, #why i stayed, i thought i could change him, #why i left, he was the one changing me. 49ers owner jed york was quick to point out the case against rice is different from that of 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald. >> i think every instance is very different and it needs to be looked at differently. i think everybody deserves the right to, you know, due process and that's what we have stood by. >> reporter: despite his arrest
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for domestic violence, the 49ers allowed mcdonald to play last sunday. >> benching a player who is accused of a crime should be standard operating procedure. it's what would happen if a police officer was involved in a violent altercation, what would happen if an executive in a company was there, they would be put on paid administrative leave. >> reporter: groups working with battered women say the national football league should take a tougher stance against domestic violence. >> it took a video. it should not take a video. 99% of the women can't show videos of what happens to them. does that mean it didn't occur? >> reporter: in mcdonald's case, the district attorney has yet to file charges against him. leigh ann melendez, abc 7 news. a decomposed body was found inside a lake at golden gate park this morning. police say they were called to the park's mallard lake just before 10:00. that's where recreation and park worker found the body while doing maintenance. the medical examiner is trying to i.d. the body and determine a cause of death. tourists are on one of san francisco's popular street cars
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that got quite a jolt when the vehicle slammed in a tour bus as you see there. happened on market street and embarcadero. the tour bus stopped too close to the tracks so when the streetcar passed by, it swung wide on the curve and right into the bus. fortunately, nobody was injured. while we are talking about transportation, san francisco bills itself as a transit first city. now one supervisor wants to make that more of a reality by phasing out the government's car fleet and having employees use car sharing instead. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is live at city hall tonight. it will be interesting to see how that goes over with city workers. >> reporter: exactly. let me tell you, here's an interesting factoid. san jose, which is the bay area's largest city, has about 1900 cars and trucks in its city-owned fleet. san francisco, more than 7,000. one city lawmaker says it's time to downsize. for some employees, one of the perks of working for tcity of sn
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francisco might be the use of a city owned car but that bonus could become a thing of the past. today, supervisor mark farrell introduced legislation requiring the city fleet to be cut by 25% every three years. >> it will make our government more efficient which i know every san francisco resident wants. >> reporter: san francisco has more than 7100 vehicles in its fleet. the supervisor says about 1400 are nonessential. those are the ones his measure would affect. the others including fire trucks and police cars that are critical to government would be exempt. those passengers cars and trucks deemed nonessential would have gps tracking devices installed to determine if they are spending wasted time in the parking lots. >> if they're not being utilized, we're not going to buy new ones or replace them when their time is due. in order to compensate for that, for the availability of those vehicles, we are going to
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mandate that when at all possible, city employees are going to use car sharing. >> reporter: there will likely be pushback. several department heads asked for waivers from the 2010 city environmental measure designed to thin the fleet. city administrator naomi kelly supports this latest effort but believes the devil is in the details. >> that's where we need to sit down with all of those departments with the big fleets and see how realistic that goal is. but not to say that we shouldn't push towards it. >> reporter: supervisor farrell says chike i chicago implemented a similar plan and saved millions of dollars and reduced the carbon footprint. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. children are back in the classroom, of course and that means a greater likelihood of contracting head lice. >> which treatments are best? consumer reports is partnering exclusively with 7 on your side to find out. >> michael finney is here with the story. >> back to school equals head lice. >> i know. so gross.
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>> it is what it is. americans spend $130 million on treatment for head lice last year. the problem affects roughly 12 million school children every year. consumer reports has some recommendations for what you should do. this is what lice eggs or nits look like in a child's hair. >> there's a whole bunch in here. >> reporter: from this comes full-grown bugs. annas a professional nit picker. she helps families get rid of lice. >> no mom or dad wants to know there are bugs in their kid's hair. they are just really upset. >> reporter: frantic families often turn to popular over the counter treatments like r.i.d. that contains chemicals. consumer reports says based on mounting evidence, including a recently published study, these chemicals are not the best choice. >> those active ingredients tend not to work anymore because lice have become resistant to them.
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>> reporter: besides getting rid of lice you need to get rid of their eggs. nix claims to do both. how effective is its active ingredient? >> there is a study in the scientific literature that shows that it does kill some eggs but actually not very many. >> reporter: its claim is proprietary and is approved by the food and drug administration. what gets rid of lice? consumer reports experts say the safest method is to comb them out using a lubricant like conditioner and fine-toothed metal comb. if you wonder about pesticide-free treatments, studies show those that contain low levels of dimethicone may be somewhat effective at killing the bugs but you still need to comb out the eggs. your child's doctor may recommend a prescription treatment to get rid of lice.
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consumer reports says some have serious risks and cannot be used. a newer prescription drug could be effective but its long term safety is still unknown and it is expensive, as much as $280 for four ounces. >> i would rather have the lice. >> more expensive than the finest perfume. let's go outside, talk about this absolutely gorgeous weather. >> meteorologist sandhya patel outside enjoying it. >> yeah, i am enjoying it. and it's a cheap forecast, all right? i'm not talking about the quality. i won't charge you anything. there's a nice breeze coming through here. skies are pretty clear across the bay area and it's a beautiful day. i'm enjoying it indeed. live doppler 7 hd, we will talk about what's coming here. notice our marine layer. it's not as solid along the coast and we are actually seeing a change in the depth of the marine layer. it's shallower. we are only going to see it
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confined to the coast overnight tonight. as a matter of fact, temperatures came up today. a warmer day by a good three to ten degrees. we are concerned, though, about these wildfires that are burning up in northern california. smoke from those wildfires may drift into the east bay so a smoke advisory has been issued for the bay area by the bay area air quality management district for wednesday and thursday. if you smell smoke or see smoke, keep in mind that you will want to limit your outdoor exposure and on the topic of smoke, look at our view from our east bay hills camera. i have been noticing the thin layer of smoke just above the marine layer. temperatures right now, 63 in san francisco, 69 in oakland. in the 70s, san jose. gilroy, 87 degrees. half moon bay, 69. this is why many of us love the bay area. the fog over san francisco. this is going to keep you comfortable. don't worry, not everyone is getting hot over the next couple days. 79 in santa rosa. currently 75 in napa.
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80s for fairfield, concord, livermore. another beautiful view from our south beach camera showing sunny skies out towards the bay. warming trend will continue wednesday and thursday. we are expecting a string of hot days inland and a light sea breeze near the coast. we will keep you on the comfortable side so when you take a look at the pacific satellite picture, high pressure is really now our controlling factor. warmer pattern is settling in. today's highs came up, we will continue to see that trend the next couple of days. tomorrow morning, when you head out the door, low to upper 50s, mostly clear except near the coast, where you will see the patches of fog and i don't know if you have been noticing this, but when i take my kids to school, it's definitely crisper in the morning so some signs of fall in the air. you will need to bundle up the kids in the morning. tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be hot in the south bay, 94 in gilroy, 92 morgan hill. later in the day, it's short sleeve weather. 85 in san jose, cupertino on the peninsula, redwood city, 84
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degrees. 76 in milbray. we will keep the fog around even near daly city, 66, holding your temperature down. 71 downtown san francisco. north bay, 60s. coastside, 90s around clear lake, cloverdale. 87 in napa. our summer microclimate is with us. 78 in oakland. inland, 94 livermore, fair field, 92, concord. the seven-day forecast, check out the heat. up to 96 inland thursday, friday and saturday. getting up to the low 70s friday through sunday along the coastline so definitely some great-looking beach weather headed in our direction. >> fantastic. thank you, sandhya. just ahead, selfies rule. up next, the changing face of the country and the remarkable implication for all of us. new at 6:00, a bay area adventurer explains why he rappeled into an active volcano and why his mom referred to him as a human s 'more.
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president obama will deliver a white house address on how the u.s. plans to deal with isis tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. abc 7 news will carry that address live. so please tune in. a new study on ougautism tonight. researchers say when scientists spot it and treat it early, symptoms can be reduced. scientists looked at seven infants between seven and 17 months old. researchers tell parents to train their infants to focus attention on facial cues and voice. by the time the babies were 3 years old, five did not show any sign of autism and the sixth had only mild symptoms. those children are not even diagnosed with autism until age 3. a new report says single americans make up more than half the adult population for the first time since the government began compiling such statistics in 1976. economist edward giordini calls that data remarkable with important implications for our
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economy, society and politics. he says singles, particularly younger ones, are more likely to rent than to own their homes and less likely to have children. he claims this influences the amount of money they spend and what they buy. he says single person households actually exaggerate income inequality in the united states. >> interesting. a man fishing for salmon off the san francisco coast made an unusual catch. take a look. he hooked an endangered pacific green sea turtle. they grow to be about three, maybe four feet in length. the' ka t captain of the charte fishing boat knew what to do, he unhooked it and returned it to the sea no worse for wear. pacific green turtles are mostly found in mexico and farther south. finding one in the cold waters off san francisco is actually extremely rare. >> pretty cool. okay. a male pulls his car out of the garage. sounds like the start of a joke. >> but it is the story of what could be the luckiest driver in the world. >> you will see why when abc 7 news returns.
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i'm ama daetz in the abc 7 newsroom. today, tributes to the stunt pilot killed at the air races. friends say this man was remarkable. also, the glitches that soured today's apple presentation for local techies. and only on 7, an extraordinary behind the scenes look at the new san francisco museum of modern art. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. russia is infamous for its driver dash cams. >> you never know what they will catch on video like this driver who pulled out of his garage to get away from a tornado. >> yeah, he backed up into the street and was ready to pull away when the impact of the storm reached him. debris just came crashing past. >> he tried to pull back into the garage. one problem, it was gone. there it goes. it blew away in the storm. lucky for him the heart of the tornado just missed him. >> his car was a little banged up but he was not hurt. great pictures, though. >> wow. glad he's okay. thanks for joining us.
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>> for all of us, we appreciate your time. welcome to "world news tonight" from california. and new developments in the nfl firestorm tonight. the wife of disgraced football star ray rice speaking out about the beating caught on camera. standing by her husband and calling the outrage against him a horrible nightmare. the reaction coming in tonight. the extreme weather. deadly flash flooding from coast to coast. the cars washed away by walls of water and mud. tonight, the new storms bearing down on 26 million americans. ginger tracking it all. the ticket trouble. the new warning about those traffic cameras, catching you speeding. millions of dollars in fines, but are you being ticketed for other people's cars? and the apple watch revealed. the abc news exclusive. i'll take you behind the scenes with apple's ceo tim cook tonight. the new apple watch. i'll try it out. and we ask, will credit cards one day become extinct because of this?


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